Our Human Resources Policy

One of our important strength is experienced, knowledgeable, willing and highly committed human resources.

Net Haddecilik Human Resources department was established in order to make effective, efficient and long-term evaluation of human resources, which is one of the main sources of growth and development, and to provide the necessary environment of trust and harmony in our factories.

It creates and develops systems that will enable our employees to grow, develop, be successful and rise at the same time. It respects labor, knowledge and skill. One of the criteria of success for us is the realization of customer satisfaction.

Net Haddecilik aims to create employees who plan their career future, know what awaits them in business life, set their goals accordingly, exhibit behaviors in line with their goals with high motivation, and dedicate themselves to their work. It accepts as one of its basic principles to identify the individual differences of the employees, to benefit from these differences, to increase their motivation, to contribute to their job satisfaction and productivity.

Our strategy is to train managers who are ready for any situation and challenge at any time, competent in their job and love what they do.

Our Education Policy

Education; It is an integral part of the process that we have to go through for our company to achieve long lasting success. In our company, education is considered as an investment in people, not an expense item. People are the most valuable resource of our company and the necessity of education is inevitable in the way of continuous improvement.

The training programs we organize are not only limited to determining the methods and tools to be applied, but also include job-oriented development training processes and individual development processes on the other.