Anytime Environmentalist Sustainable Innovator Production

Net Haddecilik, one of the leading companies in the steel industry, we are following a sustainable environmental management policy based on national environmental legislation, relevant environmental standards and the best technologies in this field.

Human First

With the awareness of the protection and improvement of the environment we live in is an integral part of our business;

We aim to further increasing the quality of our products, inputs and activities by minimizing the environmental impacts. Adopting a management approach based on the "People First" approach, Net Haddecilik has accepted the protection of the environment as an indicator of respect for the society beyond legal obligations.

  • We fulfill all of our legal and other compliance obligations regarding the environment.
  • We adopt the principles of sustainable development and prevention of pollution at its source, while carrying out our activities,
  • We ensure the recycling, recovery and disposal of wastes in a way that does not harm nature by reducing the wastes generated as a result of our activities in our factories as much as possible.
  • We also contribute to the fight against climate change. In this context, we carry out studies to reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We continuously aim to reduce the water use required for our production activities.

Quality Certificates

  • ISO 14001
  • ECO Friendly
  • Go Green