Dear business partners and valuable of our employees;
NET HADDECİLİK has continued its production in various fields with its facilities and contributed to the environment and society with new modern technologies and products since 2004.

Our company has become the chosen manufacturer by our customers and constantly improving its technical capabilities and service to our clients during all these many years.

One of the strongest aspects of NET HADDECİLİK is the development of our facilities and management, which keeps its technological structure at the highest level and integrates new production technologies every year. Infrastructures of our factories have been created to make production in all international standards, and productions are made according to quality and product variety.

We constantly follow the market movements and reflect our innovative spirit to the sector in order to increase the quality of our products and to establish relations with our clients based on commercial trust, and to be a well-known and followed company in the manufacturing sector with our valuable employees together.

As NET HADDECİLİK , we continue on this path by setting out to produce without sacrificing quality, to maximize the satisfaction of our customers, and to contribute to our country's economy, with our strong infrastructure factories and experienced staff.